Women Who Ride Motorcycles
Now some would say riding/being around motorcycles is in my blood.  My mom was in a motorcycle club, my dad is still in a motorcycle club (that’s how the two of them met), and I ride myself.  Now I’m not talking about a scooter, or an ATV while up north, or you rode once around a parking lot, I’m talking about a woman that can really ride.  So when grabbing pics, I chose those of women actually riding, and not some naked chick rubbing one out on/by a bike.

Plus a woman who rides too would (hopefully) be cool with me and my son doing shit like THIS.  Look of course what I want right now is a woman in my life.  A woman to ride on the back and to hold me tight as we take corners through the mountains of California.  But the idea that she’ll not only do that, but hop on her own bike and call me a pussy for not being able to keep up; that just gets me all kinds of hot.


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So as some of my LA friends already know, there’s someone special in my life now, and I decided it’s time to share her with my Tumblr peeps.

This is my Motorcycle, Tracy; a 2002 Kawasaki ZX6R.