Jewish Women
Now I’m sure some psychologist would probably say my love for Jews might stem from the fact that the neighborhood (Southfield, MI) I’m from consisted of a sizable population of Jews, and that my desire for them is rooted in some desire to go back home or something.  But I don’t know, I just really love them.  In general we tend to share similar humor and family value, and it doesn’t hurt that I find them all so fetching.  And for those lucky ones with their curly hair, mmm, just drives me wild.

So to Mila Kunis (Week 5), Alison Brie (Week 11), Kat Dennings (Week 19), half of Rashida Jones (Week 17), a quarter of Zoë Kravitz (Week 24), the two other Jewish women yet to be named in my Weekly Would Get It, and all the other beautiful Jewish women who would love nothing more than to have a black shegetz in their life, this post is dedicated to you.  And to those thinking, “Marvin isn’t this post a little racist?”  I’ll let Jerry Seinfeld ANSWER.

Mazel Tov!


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