Look who’s shooting on my lot.
"You’re gonna get some hop-ons"

Look who’s shooting on my lot.

"You’re gonna get some hop-ons"


Infographic: Seasons by quality.

Pretty much my thoughts exactly (and the reason I stopped watching The Simpsons/The Office/Entourage) except for the last 2.

I feel like Arrested Development actually gets more rewarding to the viewer as the series progresses. As season 3 is the jam packed with callbacks. Something the series’ humor heavily relies on already.

As for LOST, I feel that people give the final season a bad rep because they “didn’t answer everything”. But what people really mean when they say that is “They didn’t answer everything with an answer that I like, and it wasn’t wrapped up in a cute pink bow, labeled: ANSWER”. Half the fun of LOST (while it was on the air) was puzzling everything together, so I’m glad there are things left dangling at the end for the viewer to intemperate as they will. And it’s not very hard to take what they actually did give us, and come up with a logical answer/conclusion for it (where did the polar bears come from).

I pretty much agree with all these graphs, only thing I would change is lowering LOST and Dexter across the board a tad.  Cause I feel both are overrated.

Hey, kids, who’s coming with me to Gallery 1988 to check out the Arrested Development Art exhibit? June 29 - July 21st

Alia Shawkat (April 18th, 1989)

Her?….. Yes, her, and I will marry you, Alia if you ask me.  Like pretty much everyone else who trolls around Tumblr, I was introduced to Alia thanks to Arrested Development.  And by the end of the series, I (like George Michael) had taken a fancy to her.  This goofy girl had matured into a gorgeous woman who I’m not ashamed to admit I have a big crush on.  I mean look at her, how could you not love that face?   And the freckles, I love those freckles, she’s just cute as a button and an obvious choice to my WWGI.


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