Dame Helen Mirren (July 26th, 1945)
Helen Mirren has always been a hottie.  Go check her out in Caligula or Savage Messiah, always hot and always willing to take her clothes off; two traits I love in a woman.  But not just looks, she’s smart, got a mouth like a sailor, British, and she’s an Atheist, all things I love.

But Marvin, now she’s 67!  Yeah, and?  Have you seen her in a bikini?  Easy to say that my infatuation with her really grew with those bathing suit pics.  I would be an insanely fortunate person if my wife looked as good as Helen at 67.  Young old, now then, it doesn’t matter Helen Mirren is breathtaking.

Happy Birthday, Helen!


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    This could have been written by me. Couldn’t agree more.
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    Thats alright sweetie. We all know I look good. I’ve had plenty of admirers over the years you know! -VH
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    I’d say something, but you’re my Mum. Anything that would come out of my mouth would just sound creepy. -SH
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