Women Who Play Video Games
Now this is one that I found issue even finding pictures for; a google search of girls playing video games didn’t illicit what I deemed to be real women playing video games.  Just chicks holding controls covering up there no-no places.  And probably also because most would say that a true gamer girl wouldn’t find the need to take pictures of herself playing games/with a controller, she would just play games.  So obviously I’m not talking like you played Mario a few times with your brother growing up.  I’m talking like you’ve beaten Fallout 3 numerous times and know what an MMORPG is.

To be honest, I should have just changed this title to “Nerd Girls” or something, because it doesn’t have to be just video games.  But the idea of playing strip Portal with you wherein whoever solves a map slower has to take off an article of clothing just gets me all.. But I’ve digressed.  I think I used the title “Woman Playing Video Games” because it’s a simple, and easy concept for someone to wrap their head around.  But this post really encompasses a lot; it’s girls who play board games, like watching/reading Game of Thrones, big into Sci-Fi.  Just that girl that guys often have in mind when they say Gamer/Nerd Girl.  And not the phonies who are doing it just for attention, or because they think we’ll like it, but those who just generally love… The Game.


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Also thanks to the Tumblr ladies who let me use their pics:
My friend Red Moves West at E3- Picture 1
Raspy-Silk - Picture 2
Insanely Gaming - Picture 3
And a thanks and Happy Birthday to My friend BoogieorDie - Picture 4

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